Bolton Beer Festival

University of Bolton Stadium, 21st-23rd Oct 2021

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Here's the 2019 beers.

1 Keswick Brewing Co Keswick Gold
2 Hawkshead Brewery Bitter
3 Okell's Brewery Okell's Bitter
4 Avid Brewing Co Ltd Bitter
5 Beer Brothers Ltd True Brit
6 Donkey stone Brewing Co. Badass Blonde
7 Bollington Brewing Long Hop
8 Bank Top Brewery Blind Drunk
9 Bowness Bay Brewing Swan Blonde
10 Cumberland Breweries Corby Blonde
11 Dent Brewery Aviator
12 Joseph Holt Ltd Bitter
13 Lancaster Brewery Northern Hemisphere
14 Oaks Brewing Company West Coast Pale
15 Spitting Feathers Brainstorm
16 Blackedge Brewing West Coast
17 Moorhouse's Brewery Belisha
18 RedWillow Feckless
19 Stockport Brewing South Island Pale
20 Big Bog Brewing Co Welsh Pale Ale
21 Bowland Beer Company Fell Top
22 Brimstage Brewery Scarecrow Bitter
23 Carlisle Brewing Co Spun Gold
25 Hophurst Brewery Ltd Cosmati
26 Old School Brewery Playtime
27 Weetwood Ales Eastgate
28 Worsthorne Brewing Co Ltd Great White
29 Cumbrian Legendary Ales Loweswater Gold
30 Wily Fox Brewery Karma Citra
31 Barngates Brewery Tag Lag
32 Bank Top Brewery Pavilion Pale Ale
33 Lancaster Brewery NOBLE PILSNER
34 Northern Monkey Brew Co. Ltd Dirty Harry
35 Old School Brewery Headmaster
36 Spitting Feathers Rush Hour
37 Weetwood Ales Old Dog
38 Worsthorne Brewing Co Ltd Old Trout
39 Big Bog Brewing Co Swampy
40 Barngates Brewery Red Bull Terrier
41 Keswick Brewing Co Keswick Special Bitter
42 Wily Fox Brewery SpearFisher
43 Blackedge Brewing Company Kiwi
45 Dent Brewery Kamikaze
46 Carlisle Brewing Co Oatmeal Stout
47 Cumberland Breweries Corby Stout
48 Dent Brewery Ramsbottom
49 Hawkshead Brewery Dry Stone Stout
50 Lancaster Brewery BLACK
51 Bowness Bay Brewing Swan Black
52 Big Bog Brewing Co Peat Bog Porter
53 Donkey stone Brewing Co. Neddy
54 Worsthorne Brewing Co Ltd Blackthorne Stout
55 Bollington Brewing Company Oat Mill Stout
56 Bowland Beer Company Caput
57 Hophurst Brewery Ltd Porteresque
58 Stockport Brewing Company Magnum
59 Wily Fox Brewery Dark Lord
60 Keswick Brewing Co Dark Horse
61 Northern Monkey Brew Co. Ltd Underdog
62 Blackedge Brewing Company Oatmeal Stout
63 Joseph Holt Ltd Mild
64 Keswick Brewing Co Keswick Bitter
65 Dent Brewery Dent Porter
66 Hophurst Brewery Ltd Campfire
67 Bank Top Brewery Dark Mild
68 Big Bog Brewing Co JAVA
69 Blackedge Brewing Company Black Stout
70 Oaks Brewing Company Cheshire Porter
71 Worsthorne Brewing Co Ltd Chestnut Mare
72 Bowness Bay Brewing Raven Red
74 Hawkshead Brewery Red
75 Barngates Brewery Goodhew's Dry Stout
76 Beer Brothers Ltd Hop Chocolate
77 Cumbrian Legendary Ales Grasmoor Dark Ale
78 Brimstage Brewery Oyster Catcher Stout
79 Spitting Feathers Old Wavertonian
80 Wily Fox Brewery Dublin Up
81 Melwood Beer Company Without A Net
82 Northern Monkey Brew Co. Ltd Funky Monkey
83 Bollington Brewing Company Eastern Nights
84 Spitting Feathers Repetitive Strain Injury
85 Bowness Bay Brewing Steamer IPA
86 Wily Fox Brewery Chakra
87 RedWillow Shameless
88 Big Bog Brewing Co Bourbier
89 Blackedge Brewing Company South Pacific
90 Hawkshead Brewery NZPA
91 Moorhouse's Brewery Blonde Witch
92 Blackedge Brewing Company Blonde
93 Cumbrian Legendary Ales American Pale Ale
94 Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery Elemental
95 Melwood Beer Company Sonny Daze
96 Hawkshead Brewery Session IPA
97 RedWillow Wreckless
98 Wily Fox Brewery Red Eyed Nelson
99 Avid Brewing Co Ltd Pale TropicAle
100 Bank Top Brewery Palomino Rising
101 Big Bog Brewing Co Bayou
102 Donkey stone Brewing Co. Kaihe
103 Hophurst Brewery Ltd APA
104 Spitting Feathers Empire IPA
105 Barngates Brewery Cat Nap
106 Okell's Brewery Okell's MPA
107 Weetwood Ales Southern Cross
108 Donkey stone Brewing Co. Ferris Muler
109 Beer Brothers Ltd Session IPA
110 Bowness Bay Brewing Session IPA
111 Spitting Feathers Thirst Quencher
112 Wily Fox Brewery Prohibition APA
113 Blackedge Brewing Company USAle
114 Dent Brewery Dales Way
115 Hawkshead Brewery Mosaic
116 Big Bog Brewing Co Hinkypunk
117 Hophurst Brewery Ltd Session IPA
118 Joseph Holt Ltd Two Hoots
119 Lancaster Brewery IPA
120 RedWillow Weightless
121 Keswick Brewing Co Thirst Quencher
122 Moorhouse's Brewery Scaredy Cat
123 Stockport Brewing Company West Coast Pale
124 Big Bog Brewing Co PADI
125 Melwood Beer Company Sugar Mangolia
126 Blackedge Brewing Company Ginger
127 Hophurst Brewery Ltd Milkshake IPA
128 Wily Fox Brewery Hothouse Zinger
129 Bowland Beer Company Apiculteur
131 Big Bog Brewing Co Bluberry Hill Porter
132 Blackedge Brewing Company Black Port
133 Melwood Beer Company Noahs Dark
134 Manning Brewers Ltd Creme bearlee
135 Stockport Brewing Company Raspberry Porter
136 Bank Top Brewery Port O'Call
137 Bowland Beer Company Nocturnality - Cherry
138 Donkey stone Brewing Co. Javanilla Stout
139 Wily Fox Brewery Roast Hog Stout
140 Hophurst Brewery Ltd Porteresque
141 RedWillow Breakfast Stout
142 Avid Brewing Co Ltd Irish Coffe Stout
143 Northern Monkey Brew Co. Ltd Film Club
144 Bank Top Brewery Herkules White Walker
145 Big Bog Brewing Co Quagmire Reserve
146 Northern Monkey Brew Co. Ltd Last Drop
147 Moorhouse's Brewery Black Cat Reserve
148 Blackedge Brewing Company Nuclear
149 Bowland Beer Company DIPA
150 Wily Fox Brewery Big Day
151 Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery Imperial
152 Escape Brewery Virgil Hilts
153 Bank Top Brewery Draymans Draught 1
154 Bank Top Brewery Draymans Draught 2
155 Bank Top Brewery Perigee 1
156 Bank Top Brewery Perigee 2
157 Bank Top Brewery Flat Cap 1
158 Bank Top Brewery Flat Cap 2
159 Bank Top Brewery Bad to the Bone 1
160 Bank Top Brewery Bad to the Bone 2
161 Bank Top Brewery Blind Drunk 2
162 Bank Top Brewery Dark Mild 2
163 Bank Top Brewery Pavilion Pale Ale 2
164 Bank Top Brewery Port O’Call 2
165 Bank Top Brewery Palomino Rising 2
166 Bank Top Brewery Herkules 2
167 Bank Top Brewery Union Mill
168 Bank Top Brewery Union Mill
169 Bank Top Brewery Union Mill
170 Bank Top Brewery Union Mill
171 Bank Top Brewery Union Mill
172 Bank Top Brewery Union Mill
173 Bank Top Brewery Union Mill
174 Bank Top Brewery Union Mill
175 Bank Top Brewery Union Mill
176 Bank Top Brewery Union Mill
177 Mayflower Brewery Lancashire Stout
178 Mayflower Brewery Wigan Bier
179 Mayflower Brewery Pie PA
180 Mayflower Brewery Douglas Valley
181 Mayflower Brewery Mayflower Best Bitter
182 Mayflower Brewery Enigma
183 Mayflower Brewery Equinox
184 Mayflower Brewery Rainbow
185 Lincoln Green Brewery Archer
186 Lincoln Green Brewery Misty Morning Dew
187 Lincoln Green Brewery Hood
188 Lincoln Green Brewery Marion
189 Lincoln Green Brewery Sherwood
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